Saturday, January 31, 2004
Cut scene "written" from Once Upon a Time in Mexico! (Sweeeeet)

General Marquez: "Carolina?"
El Marachi (El): "Muerta" (she died)
Gen. Marquez: "To Jiha?" (your daughter)
El: "Muerta"
Gen. Marquez: "Tu?" (You)
El: "Muerto" (dead)
Gen. Marquez: "y yo?"
El: "Vivendo" (Alive and well)
El shoots both of Gen Marquez's knees off and he falls and blows his brains out...
O___O That's sexy!?!?!

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Thursday, January 29, 2004
My Raven Dove

Flying with dark wings.
Hovering over the souls.
The tombs of the unknown.
The creatures down below.
Hearing the rain hit against my feathers.
Hearing the thunder roar.
Hearing my heart beat as I soar.
I am the Black Dove.
Bring death which the white dove gives life.
The underdevil of the 666 beast.
The watcher of the dead.
Soulless eyes watches over the living.
Taking lives in the blink of an eye.
Crying for a love one's name in vain.
Spreading wing as far and they can reach towards heaven.
Standing in the bowels of Hell.
Don't pray for me.
I know where to go.
Down below.
Where the damned go.
I care for thee not.
My feelings aren't shown.
Only when you die is when you will know.
Don't come to me.
With you petty things.
Just let me be.
A damned selfish thing.
I'll sit on your grave.
And laugh your name in vain.
Only wanting to show you me pain.
To make my pain go away.


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Dreams Of An Insomniac

The Ayslum.

Frozen Rain.

Dressed in Black.
School Clothes.

Walking down the Hall.
Going to Class.


Shadow Figure dressed in black, it's eyes ripped out, it's mouth soan shut, it's skin pale, it's hands gloved (with claws), the devils number on it's head, it's face hides in a mask.
Walking Death.

Piles of Corpes.
School mates.

Havoc Runs.

Death walks.

I run.
Away from Death.

I hide.

Hearing noises.
Boots Clang.

I Run.
Away from School.

Death follows.
Behind me.

I hide.
Dark Cold Corner.

Death Appears.
Infront of Me.

I die.
In My sleep.

~dReAmS oF aN iSoMnIaC~ 

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Faceless Evil

The Faceless Mask
Behind the gothic mask there is a faceless person.
A faceless expression of emotions show nothing but the cold darkness surrounding it.
Tired of being what people wanted to be.
Hopeless and faithless.
Pushed under the surface, not knowing what it's expecting to do.
Put under the pressure of walking in their shoes.
Their is no God in the underworld, No one in the underworld.
Every step that it take is another mistake to them.
A scripture is written on it's back..
"I've become someone, I can feel your hate, I've become so tired, so much more of hate, I've becoming this, All I want to do is to be more like this, nothing like you, Faceless."


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"In the never ending darkness of the embracing night,
I saw golden cherubs wrapped in light
Shadows played upon the walls,
Their dangerous games in deserted halls
I watched the snowflakes dance to the concertos of the wind,
Prancing to the minutes of the sun, engraving their steps in my mind
And they called to me with your tender voice of soft seduction
'Cast your whisper to the darkness, leave your footsteps in the rain.
Come dance with me, my love, and soothe this tender pain.'"

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All I can say is that I'm sorry.
Forever sorry.
I can't bare the fact of what I done has hurt you.
I've betrayed you.
I can't live with the fact that I've done so much harm.
I still love you.
But the question that boils in my mind is...
"Do you love me still?"
After all that I've done.
"Am I still worthy of your love?"
After all the tears that you shead for me.
"Am I still able to kiss the away?"
I'm cold and senseless...
I can't feel a thing.
What am I to do?
"Will you love me still?"

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Ill Will

You and I are even now.
For what has died today was not my enemy.
What died today was the very last breath of Dignity I had left.
Bare me no ill will my love.
You can do what you wish.
The things you do means nothing to me now.
Not now, not ever!
Bare me no ill will my love.
Such things I say to you means nothing to me.
Such things you do means nothing to me.
Suchs things you do to me I dont care anymore!
Bare me no ill will my love.
Know the truth beloved, I love you and all that matters now !
So please let your words thrive my soul by saying "I love you"
Bare me no ill will my love!

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Immortalized ( Vampire)

I watch the centuries pass by.
Watching poeple how they die.
I do my best not to cry.
Then I realized I'm immortalized.
I have to live with the bases of the night.
Now I fear and I can't walk threw the sunlight.
I'm tortured, feared, and alone, now I have to fight.
I can't die because I'm immortalized.
He made me what I am.
What I am right now.
A vampire.
I am immortalized.
I feast upon human blood to survive.
I can't believe I'm still alive.
The feeling, the sensation, the sexual vibe.
Is all being apart of being immortalized.
For many centuries I have done this.
Don't worry there's no crisis.
My friend you see I am a vampire.

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How lovely and beautiful they are.
They fly so beautifully.
But there is one who cannot fly.
The New Born Angel.
The Black Winged Angel.
Her wings are torn by the others who hate her.
Her hailo also turns black.
Her robes turns black just as well.
She growns her wings back.
They are black and bathed in blood.
Her wings are also made out of metals
Her hailo is made partially made out of metal.
Many Angels don't like her.
Yet they want to be her.
She doesn't like them.
So she kills them.
Because she's the Angel Of Death.

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You Are My Every Wish Come True

If I could have one wish it would be simply this--
To keep on loving you as i do now,
To keep seeing you as i always have--
In moonlight, in sunlight, and in rain,
To keep hearing you laugh and sing
And call my name,
To keep on cherishing every smile, every touch, every kiss...
Because I can't imagine
Anything more wonderful than
Being with you,
And I can't think of anything else
I need or want more in
This life
Than your love
Your My Every Wish Come True !

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